• Socially Adept...

    Social Sharing Service

    In our quest to keep Factory Images one step ahead of the game we have been pioneering a number of new workflows to manage your professional image content.

    The first of which is LIVE social media sharing.

    Aside from capturing your images, let our team ramp up your events social media presence.
    Perfect for larger public events, we give you up to 10 professionally edited images (phone/tablet ready) per hour. Gone are the days of sending event staff out to snap a shot, instead use professional photography across your Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to really raise the social engagement of your event.
    A comprehensive social media campaign should be led by the event organiser, your crowd want to see activity they can engage with, the result of high quality social content will be tenfold, across likes, follows and shares.
    Creating high quality content and sharing as it happens raises your event profile and in-turn creates a stronger social media legacy.
    Drop us an email, we would love to give you a little more information about how it all works. Thank you.