• Engage your exhibitors...

    What do exhibitors want from a show?
    Well we asked some and the answers are no surprise:

    • They want to sell enough product to cover the costs of the show.
    • They want to have a busy and successful show.
    • They want to know their investment wasn't wasted.

    Exhibitor Engagement Service

    Having an overview of a number of trade shows we visit regularly to provide photography and social media services, we are constantly building workflows and systems to give everyone a little more from the Factory Images service.

    We have been working on a new way of giving the show organiser a powerful asset to sell into the exhibitor, which will go a long way to providing the exhibitors with the show satisfaction they require.


    Selling enough product?
    Short of our team buying their product we can't make them sell more, however we can help them reach more potential customers while the show is live by driving customers via social media. We provide the exhibitors with 10 images from the morning and 10 images from the afternoon. Phone/Pad ready, with a view to them sharing the images across their social channels.

    Having a busy show?
    Of course it's a fact that restaurant owners will sit you in the window to make themselves look busier, why? People drive people. Our team will be moving around the exhibitors signed up to our Exhibitor Engagement system to make sure we shoot their stand at its busiest, giving the exhibitor a host of images ready to share of their stand at its best. Busy!

    Wasted Investment?
    After the haze of your event has cleared, the only thing that remains is the images and video captured during the event. We will have spent time making sure the we capture your exhibitors stand at its very best, they will have shared these images and driven engagement. Anyone reviewing the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will see a successful show with a positive legacy. Re-booking for next year anyone?



    Exhibitor Engagement Service.

    Our Exhibitor Engagement Service works directly with the show organiser to provide the exhibitor with the photography.

    Our team shoot and produce 20 professional images specific to that exhibitor, presented ready to share on social media during the show. We deliver two image drops, morning and afternoon.

    Our team work constantly across exhibitions and live events, we will capture the best available images of the exhibitors stand, focusing on the customer engagement, capturing sales and busy stands.

    Agreement arranged directly with event organiser
    (£195 per stand - minimum 3 stands per event)


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